Shipping Finance

The scope of this course is to offer comprehensive understanding of shipping finance in theory and practice. International shipping industry with 1 trillion US Dollar assets of worth is the typical example of a capital intense industry, therefore it is crucial to understand the various aspects of shipping finance.



The Module is designed to provide, enhance and develop knowledge of the chartering procedures (dry cargo and tanker), taking into consideration all parties involved in the process. The Module focuses on the chartering process and charter party drafting as well as on laytime calculation.


Carriage of Goods by Sea

This module deals with legal topics concerning the Carriage of Goods by Sea. Special emphasis is given to the implications of legal decision on charter party wording. Moreover students will deal with the application of Hague/Visby and Rotterdam Rules in contracts of carriage of goods by sea, to the effect that the students by the end of the module will be able to critically apply legal issues in shipping practice.


Shipping Law

The module aims to give the students a thorough introduction to International Maritime Law, and an overview of the national and international framework of shipping. The challenges of jurisdiction and choice of law is discussed. General contract law in shipping is covered, as well as mandatory and non-mandatory rules relating to shipowners’ and charterers’ liabilities.