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Decarbonisation of Shipping


In its 12 chapters, this book covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: Decarbonization and Sustainability: Concepts and Definitions
Chapter 2: The Regulatory Framework of Shipping (Who and How Sets the Rules)
Chapter 3: About Global Warming, Natural Gas and Alternative Ship Fuels – Part 1
Chapter 4: Alternative Ship Fuels – Part 2
Chapter 5: The Imo Regulations for Reduction of GHG Emissions (EEDI, EEXI, CII)
Chapter 6: The Weaknesses of Shipping Indicators in the Regulations, EU Fit for 55
Chapter 7: Methods to Achieve the Imo and Eu Targets (as Per Regulations and Their Critical Review)
Chapter 8: the Role of Market Based Measures to Shipping Decarbonization
Chapter 9: Additional Decarbonization Methods for Shipping (Operation and Logistics, Port Arrival Optimization)
Chapter 10: the Role of Future and Digital Technologies to Decarbonization (AI and Autonomous Ships, Nuclear)
Chapter 11: Expected Future Changes in Charter Parties and Stakeholder (Ownercharterer) Relationships Due to the New Environmental Regulations
Chapter 12: Synthesis and the Way Ahead