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Warehouse Systems & Global Transportation Management


In its 2 parts, this book covers the following topics:

Part A: Warehouse Systems

1. The Importance of Inventory Management Systems
2. Basic Concepts Around Stocks
3. The Role of Inventory
4. Categorization of Stocks
5. Inventory Management Costing
6. Economic Order Quantity
7. The Inventory Value Chain
8. Basic Concepts and Definitions of Logistics
9. The Objectives of Supply Chain Management
10. The Stages of Decisions in the Supply Chain
11. Models of Storage Systems
12. Basic Storage Model
13. Organization and Management of Warehouses
14. Basic Principles of Product Storage
15. The Basic Functions of Storage
16. The Chain of Operations of the Warehouse
17. The Export of the Products From the Warehouses
18. Inventory Management Information Systems
19. Basic Concepts and Definitions
20. The Potential Benefits of a Wms
21. Collection Technologies
22. The Smart Warehouse
23. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as Tools for Monitoring Supply Chain Activities


Part B: Global Transportation

1. Introduction
2. Importance of Transportation to World Economies
3. Transportation Economics
4. Transportation and Supply Chain Management
5. Intermodal Freight Transport
6. Road Freight Costing
7. Transforming Global Transportation