Victoria Liouta

Marine Insurance

Can you describe the substance of the course you are teaching? What are those points that a student should pay special attention to?   

The substance of the course I am teaching refers to Marine Insurance and is about knowledge and understanding of essential elements of marine insurance contracts, marine hull, and associated risks and third-party liability insurance in shipping. Students can learn how marine insurance markets around the world have developed, evaluate concepts, policies, procedures of marine insurance, analyze principles of marine insurance contract, interaction with other insurances and how marine underwriters work with reference to case law and real-life examples, which enhances the understanding and combine theory and practice.


In what sectors of the labour market and specializations can the graduates of the program work at large?

Graduates can benefit if they are interested in working in marine insurance related services, marine insurance brokers or marine Insurance Global Companies as underwriters or claims handlers or average adjusters.

What advice would you give to your graduate students regarding their professional future?

I would advise my graduates to not only look for a job after they complete their studies, but also look for a role in the world that will allow them to live a life that enhances their skills and passions.

Which the most outstanding piece of news in your industry in the last two years?

One very important casualty in Suez Canal, vessel Evergreen was stuck during passage, and it remains to be seen if owning company and their insurers finally pay the extraordinary amounts requested not only by Canal interests but also by the interests of vessels waiting to pass the canal and lost their due dates to deliver goods around the world.

How did the pandemic affect your industry;

The pandemic affected the industry considerably since crew on board vessels cannot sign off easily or sign on in ports with very strict health regulations, global delays in ports affected freight rate markets, value of vessels, global trading rules and regulations changed, decarbonization of ships which affects the market and owning companies around the world. Owners and insurers work hard to overcome any difficulties and comply with health protocols and international need for climate change and environment protection.