Italian Shipping Academy and BCA GIME open up the Maritime Business Bachelor to every ITS graduates

After the first agreement last November 2021, and the two Masters in Ship Management presented in the summer, a further step forward for a strategic partnership in the Mediterranean

Genoa & Athens, December 16th, 2022 – Genoa and Athens are getting closer, thanks to the sea. Two cities which have made navigation their essence and their culture, and which today work together for high-level education for the maritime world. Thanks to a revision of the agreements of last November 2021, today the Italian Shipping Academy (based in Genoa, Italy), the Business College of Athens (BCA) and Greek Institute of Maritime Education (GIME) of Athens, announce the opening of the Bachelor in Maritime Business for every Italian ITS graduates, not only related to Deck and Engine Officers.

From today graduates of the following ITS (Istituto Tecnico Superiore – Higher Technical Institutes) courses will be able to follow the annual program of BCA-GIME:

• ITS graduated as Superior Technician for info-mobility and logistics infrastructure – Logistics and Transport Management;
• ITS graduated as Business Process Officer in harbor terminals;
• ITS graduated as Shipyard Technicians;
• ITS graduated as Ship Manager/ Superintendent;
• ITS graduated as Ship Pursuer;
• ITS graduated as Hospitality Service Specialist;
• ITS graduated as Railway and intermodal transport technician with the qualification of multifunctional Agent;
• ITS graduated as Multimedia Technician

The qualifications obtained at BCA-GIME are internationally recognized and can therefore be recognized by the competent Ministry of Education of every EU Member State. The degrees are awarded by West London University. Last November 2021, the Italian Shipping Academy, the Business College of Athens (BCA) and the Greek Institute of Maritime Education (GIME) of Athens announced the formal agreement which involved the institutions for the provision of the Bachelor in Maritime Business for all Italian ITS graduates. Following a first year of fruitful partnership, FAIMM and BCA-GIME are ready to start a new implementation of the agreement.

Furthermore, two Master Degrees aimed at Italian and European seafarers and workers in the industry, provided by the BCA College, are available on the website a. The study program of the two Masters, in online mode, represents an ideal study path to achieve a high-level career in the Ship Management sector. The two courses ‘Master in Shipping’ and ‘Master in Marine Engineering Management’ are a stepping stone for Marine Officers and workers who wish to obtain a higher level education in Ship Management, provided by the country owning 22% of the global naval fleet and 50% of the European fleet.

The agreement signed last year between Faimm and BCA-GIME envisaged an initial period of 3 years of collaboration to be further developed also on other projects and activities. The program can be attended 100% remotely, so students can also carry out their professional activities smoothly even on board, with laptops provided by BCA.

The Italian Shipping Academy, founded in 2005 and recognized as an ITS Foundation in 2011, is a body financed by public institutions which issues qualifications from the Ministry of Education in non-university tertiary education. The mission of the Academy is to provide specialized training aimed at occupations with high professional and technological contents, based on the needs of the industry, and in particular in the strategic areas of Maritime and Logistics.