Terminology of Container Trade Principals and Practice

Container Trade and containerized cargo, although belong into the Dry section of Shipping Industry, presents several specific actions need to be taken into account, in order to fulfil most of the needs arise.

By Capt George Tsouris

Containerized cargo means general goods, commodities or wares that are shipped in non-disposable, reusable, commercial sized shipping containers that are customarily used on sea- and ocean-going vessels for the convenient shipment of such goods, commodities or wares. Containerization is a way of using specialized intermodal container assets, commonly known as shipping containers, to transport ingredients, raw materials, parts and finished products from one place to another. Containerization allows developers to create and deploy applications faster and more securely.
Here is a brief glossary of Container Trade Principals:

Accessible Position: A stowage position accessible from a fixed platform, deck or a lashing bridge.

Block Stowage: A method whereby cargo containers packed with Dangerous Goods of the same IMDG Class are stowed in same bay and adjacent to each other.

Higher Risk Cargoes: Commodities which are not subject to the full requirements of IMDG through application of a Special Provision.

Mis‐declared: Containers presented for shipment where an item or items of Dangerous Goods are not declared correctly, including but not limited to where offered on a fraudulent basis.

Risk: The term “risk” will be used throughout the document in alignment with SOLAS. Risk is defined as the product of the likelihood of failure with which an event is anticipated to occur and the consequence of the event’s outcome. Risk analysis is used to determine the likelihood of failure and consequence of a hazardous event. The likelihood of failure and consequence are then combined to determine the level of risk. The categorisation considers the likelihood and consequence of the potential fire and exposition events caused by different Dangerous Goods including, self‐combustible, self‐reacting, heat sensitive and higher risk cargoes.

Self‐Reacting Commodities: Commodities that under certain conditions may self‐heat and ignite spontaneously. The intent of this term is to state the commodities that have self‐reacting properties and may be shipped under Special Provisions as not subject to the provisions of IMDG.

Undeclared: Cargo presented for shipment as non‐dangerous goods which should have been declared as Dangerous Goods and/or not all Dangerous Goods items in the containers are declared, including but not limited to where offered as non‐dangerous goods on a fraudulent basis.