BCA GIME online Master in Shipping: an introduction to Maritime Legal Aspects

This module offers both an overview of shipping law as well as a more in-depth understanding of the key legal elements to be encountered. Students will have the opportunity not only to learn but also to master shipping law and put their newly-acquired knowledge to practice through case-study examples.

About the professor:
Spyros Theodoropoulos holds a BA from The University of Piraeus in Shipping Economics and an LLM from Cardiff Law Scholl in Marine Legal Affairs. Since 2000, he has worked in various senior managerial and counsel positions within shipmanagement and chartering companies from Greece, Dubai and the USA. Through his long and active involvement in the Shipping industry, he acquired extensive experience in maritime legal affairs such as regulations, contract formation, dispute resolution, liabilities in tort, environmental issues etc. both from their legal perspective as well as the everyday/practical aspect. Some of the companies that Professor Theodoropoulos has worked over the years include GMS Dubai, Liquimar, Newport and Guardian Navigation.